Enabling Amazon's 'Look Inside' for print editions

Added by Brian Schwartz over 8 years ago

This feature used to be called 'Search Inside The Book' (SITB) - now it's just called  'Look Inside.' Amazon still refers to submissions as 'Search Inside the Book' for pdf submissions.

Important: If you set your print edition up with CreateSpace, this step is NOT NECESSARY! CreateSpace will handle it for you.

But if did set your book up with a different printer, am selling it via Seller Central or Author Advantage, this step may be required.

Is SITB already enabled for your book on Amazon? If not, it should be.  Without it, you are more than likely losing sales you might have had otherwise. For the simple reason – it makes your book more findable on Amazon!

Why? Because when your book is enabled for SITB, Amazon’s computers will actually read your book & thus more accurately categorize & classify your book so you show up in relevant searches, so they’ll be able to ‘recommend’ your book along side a similar title, and the third most obvious reason is that it gets beyond our naturally human reluctance to buy something we can’t first see.

You can find out more and sign up for the program here.  I’ve also included a tutorial below to step you through the process:

Getting your book enabled for SITB is currently a 4 step process:

1. You have to create an account at Seller Central

2. Join the SITB program (you need to be logged in to Seller Central for the link to work).

3. Send an email to: to request the upload feature be added to your account.  After which, you will have a new drop down option available to you after you login to Seller Central that looks like this:

4. Upload your pdf. Important!! Be sure you name your pdf file your ISBN# (without the dashes).

5. If the cover is not the first page of your pdf, then you need to also include a jpg of your cover. **Zip both files together and upload it to SITB.