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05:54 PM AUTHORDOCK 5.0 Frequently Asked Questions: Using Bible Verses in your Book? Citation required.
If you are using bible versus in your book, you need to include one of the following on your copyright page (dependin... Brian Schwartz


05:10 PM AUTHORDOCK 5.0 Audio Books and Audible: Year End Tax Info (1099) from ACX
## Looking for your 1099ss from ACX?
To securely download your form, follow the steps below:

1. Go to your ACX...
Brian Schwartz


04:22 PM AUTHORDOCK 5.0 Print-on-Demand: Transferring a title from KDP to IngramSpark
# New Process effective as of Nov-2021
There is a much simpler process to transfer a title to your own IngramSpark...
Brian Schwartz


12:38 PM AUTHORDOCK 5.0 PubWriter FAQ: Case sensitive - what you need to know about filenames & folders
{{video(, 854,480)}} Brian Schwartz


09:53 AM AUTHORDOCK 5.0 PubWriter FAQ: RE: Need a countdown (timer) for your site?
Here's another one:
You can use the div id="countbox" to customize a...
Brian Schwartz


02:37 PM AUTHORDOCK 5.0 Amazon: Contacting Amazon Author Central
There will likely be times when you need to contact Author Central at Amazon.
Yes, in fact, you can talk to a liv...
Brian Schwartz


01:15 PM AUTHORDOCK 5.0 AuthorDock Tutorials: Get Text Alerts for AuthorDock Updates
You can now setup text alerts for AuthorDock notifications. When you do, you'll be alerted via text message anytime t... Brian Schwartz


08:47 AM AUTHORDOCK 5.0 Amazon: Disabling Amazon's 2-step Authentication
If we are going to be assisting you with title setup on Amazon or working in other areas of your account, we might ne... Brian Schwartz


02:14 PM AUTHORDOCK 5.0 Frequently Asked Questions: RE: Copyright Boilerplate
If you are worried about liability (in how a reader may use the information you've provided), you may want to check o... Brian Schwartz


12:09 PM AUTHORDOCK 5.0 Frequently Asked Questions: Copyright Boilerplate
In case you need the verbiage for your copyright page, here's some basic legalese you can use on your copyright page:... Brian Schwartz

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