Viewing a kpf file (kindle fixed layout aka KF8)

Added by Brian Schwartz over 7 years ago

Dear Author,

This information is specific to Fixed Layout eBooks (aka Print Replica).

If we provide you a link to download a .kpf file, please note the following:

In the interest of time (and because Amazon doesn't make this process easy), I’d recommend you publish the kpf file to your account and download it directly from Amazon when it’s live. Rest assured, you can unpublish it immediately if you need to and nobody is likely to just stumble upon it after you first publish it.

Otherwise, here are instructions on how to proof your specially formatted KF8 file:

The newest fixed layout format from Amazon for Kindle that allows for the full pan & zoom features doesn’t work like normal .mobi file.

Unlike standard mobi files, kpf files can only be previewed with the Kindle Previewer 3.

Please keep in mind the the previewer is relatively primitive and does not reflect the experience of reading your book on an actual compatible device.

The functionality (and user experience) of your ebook will vary depending on device, OS, and screen size. Rest assured, Amazon is working to improve the experience every time they release a new version of their software.

Here are a few screenshots to show you how it will appear on the new Kindle Previewer:

Apple iOS considerations

When a Kindle file is delivered to an Apple iOS device (for the Kindle Reader app), the file goes through an additional backend conversion at Amazon before it's delivered to the reader. For this reason, you won't be able to read a kindle file on an iOS device without going through a few steps first. I created a video to explain this further.