Hourly rate, change orders, and retainers

Added by Brian Schwartz over 8 years ago

Do you have an immediate project in mind? Although the majority of our work is done via a monthly retainer, I do offer blocks of hours you can purchase:

Note: Blocks of 5-hours or less will be logged in a Google Sheet. 5 hours or more includes AuthorDock access (where time is logged in a project manager). Labor is typically logged in 30-min blocks.

If the project exceeds the time purchased, we'll notify you and suggest how much additional time is required (with a detailed explanation).

If the project scope needs to be determined beyond a 15-min discovery call, I kindly request that you purchase a formal assessment 30-min block for $125.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to me or schedule a call with me.

Thank you,

Brian Schwartz